Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It feels weird to be writing on this. I was reading back on old posts, seeing the progression I made.

As in my last post I linked you up to my tumblr - I update it pretty much everyday. Though the writing is never as personal as it got here I guess. It feels weird to be writing on here - does anyone still ever read it these days? I don't know.



My best friend here went back to America. That sucked. I miss her incredibly, but so glad I had that friendship in my life.
I was an O week leader for the 2nd session so that was fun to meet new people, make new friends.
I fell in 'lust' for a couple months. Nothing much came out of it though.
Only just starting to move on from that, and feel slightly little inklings of 'like' for another person. Not sure how long that will last - however it makes it interesting that he does uni here also, but is also from my hometown.
2nd session subjects are so much better than 1st.
Also I'm writing a fair bit for www.theaureview.com and they have given me some amazing music opportunities to review. Love that website.

Anyway. The Getaway Plan reunion show this Friday. Cannot wait.

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