Friday, October 30, 2009

My life - a short update

I have been happy lately. This shouldn't be a weird thing, but I feel happier than I have for a long time. The things that used to get me down aren't so much anymore, and I feel like I'm finally taking a huge step forward into slowly becoming the person I really want to be.

It's my sisters 21st tonight! Should be a good night, may update on how it goes. The night starts with fishbowls (big arse alcoholic drinks that cost like $30) at 6pm and it should be all crazy from then on. Have another 21st next week, scrubs theme, which shall also be a good weekend, seeing as I have a whole TWO weekends off from work in a row which is a rarity.

Boring updates --> Work is good, healthy eating plan is going good, driving is ok, exercise isn't really happening but whatever. We'll get there when I get more time. Friends are good, home is good, Wagga is good. I really don't have much to complain about.

For some reason male attention has been a bit on the uprise lately which is weird, flattering but weird, considering I am not really interested. I'm just more focused on my family, friends and work at the moment, to bother with adding any complications. And also I know I wouldn't be able to commit to it, because it's not fair involving myself with someone, if I still deep down like someone else.

I've been working on my commitment issues. I realised I have been at my job now for 7 months, which is some kind of record for me. Because this time around when the going got tough a couple months back (and I assure you, it got real tough) I stuck it out, rather than bailed. This has somewhat turned me around I think. It shows me I am stronger than I originally thought I was, and that I'm finally putting those demons from the year 9 and 10 years of school behind me, letting go off the past and everything that happened and moving on. FINALLY

Looking forward to the future, and all experiences to come. Good or bad, it's all a learning curve.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2

Day two of my kick start to a healthier lifestyle. It's going well enough eating wise. Fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread instead of white, you name it I'm doing it.
Exercise - not so well. Dragging myself out of bed an hour earlier doesn't seem to appeal for me. Of course it is my fault because I go to bed too late. So that's going to have to be another thing to make myself a little healthier. Waaaaay better sleeping patterns have to be in order.
Now I know my exact weight, my mission is to lose at least 2 of those kilos. In no way do I consider myself fat or even verging on it. But I am not happy with my body in the slightest. This could be my inner 15 year old self coming out again. However i need to find a healthy balance between my 15 year old self, who was strict in eating patterns and exercise, to the point of being obsessed, and my 19 year old self, who's fitness has dwindled down over time so that exercise is a foreign concept and chocolate is a girls best friend.

My biggest problem is my patience. I am not one to start slow, and build up. I am the type of person to rush headlong into things and berate myself when I fail or can't keep up the pace. So for now I have to remind myself it's all baby steps. I won't get my fitness I used to possess back over night. Over the next few months however I want to be back there. And exercise won't have to be a dirty word in my vocabulary. It can be something I learn to enjoy.

Speaking of, it's time to do some before getting ready for work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get fit or die trying

So yeah I've said it a million or so times. I'm gonna eat healthy, I'm going to exercise rah rah rah *grabs chocolate bar*

Anyway I've been sick for a week and it has diminished my chocolate craving in a weird and amazing way. Not to mention that I am attending a holiday at the BEACH (yep people, beach body time) in less than 2 months, and the place I move to in 4 months also has a beach, you know, it's time to get serious.

To prove how serious I am, this blog is going to be my motivation. How so you wonder?
In a bid to improve my fitness, and improve my dedication to my blog (As we can tell, I forget about things easily, get easily distracted eeeeeeetc) it is to be updated on my get fit progress, as well as other trivial and probably boring details of my life. No one enjoys talking about me, more than me I guess.

I decided it's all about making the time (duh tahlia awesome conclusion, you go girl)
Getting up that little bit earlier and making time for exercise
Getting ready that little bit earlier to make healthier food to take to work, rather than being tempted by the easier, and waaaay fattier options.

GOAL -> To tone up, lose about 2.5 kilos, spend more time outdoors in the sun so I stop looking so vampire like (yeah man I was pale before twilight made it cool) and make healthy eating a automatic thing!