Thursday, February 25, 2010

So much stressing

About that relationship dilemma with a certain guy? For no reason! Who would have thought living closer to each other, would fuck everything up. We barely even talk now. Who knows. All I know is I'm over making the effort, and seeing I barely hear from him then I guess he is over it too.

Life goes on..

Start classes on Monday. Scary. I loved O week, I don't want it to end. I have a good timetable however. And Thursday mornings off, major bonus. Starting to live for the Wednesday nights! When I moved i was unsure on going out, because in wagga, you go out and always know people and I like that. But staying at weerona is good, so you always see familiar faces out and about anyway.

For now, I may go attempt at my 2nd driving experience (minus nav man) in this crazy city. Ahhh. Everyones seemed to go home for the weekend also, so i may go looking for a friend to come with, if anyones left.

Tomorrows adventures include Sydney, Mardi Gras, and going out maybe. No sleeping, get back to Wollongong early Sunday morning. Probably not the best idea for my cold, but hey. Live it up before the work starts right?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New town, New life

So week one in Wollongong has been amazing. Then again it was college O week, so it was so much fun. My poor liver took a battering but pulled through okay, just with a common cold now nicknamed the "weerona plague" as everyone here seems to be getting it.

I had so much fun this week, that I don't even want uni to start. I just want to live here and keep partying! But hopefully the course will be good, and god knows, my brain does need to be stimulated again.

I did things I never thought I'd do when sober - Including busking, stripping down to underwear outside the city Woolworths, food challenges, hugging strangers, being fake resuscitated etc. Gotta love scav hunts. Totally ridiculous.

So far I feel happier here. I haven't felt homesick once. The guy situation I was stressing about? Probably not worth. I think we are in two different stages of our lives. At the moment I am enjoying meeting new people, partying, and having fun.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last night out in Wagga


Saying goodbye
Hiding on bedroom floors
Fucked up
but funny.

Bye Wagga nightlife for two months or so. See you in easter

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ahh young lust

Just had a random memory of a guy I hooked up with one.

Note - when I say hook up, I just mean kiss, not the real deal.

We went for a drunken walk at midnight, stopping on every corner, at every fence, and most peoples front yards, to make out like crazy. Kinda like they do in movies when they are so overwhelmed by passion.

Thinking back I wasn't carried away with passion, and I doubt he was either. It was almost like we were actors, so desparately wishing to feel that feeling of undeniable passion.

This made me think of my hook ups and previous relationships. Sure I've enjoyed hooking up with people, but not once have I ever felt passionate about anyone. Ever.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


It's been a while. I neglected you oh blog I am sorry. But here goes to posting more regularly. I need to keep on this writing thing.


I am now unemployed after a year of working full time at the local cinema. This was a massive learning experience. You only had to glance through my older posts to realise how much I hated my job. The bullying, backstabbing, bitching. However for some bizarre reason I blocked it out and go on with it. And I'm so glad I had the inner strength to go through with it. I made some great friends, and have come out a stronger, more confident and honest person. Taking a gap year before uni was the right decision for me. I am more self aware, and am ready to embrace the new year with the new Tahlia.

I move in a weeks time. It is scary, and exciting. The time I have been dreaming and dreading simultaneously has arrived. 6 months ago if you told me it was time to go, I would have packed up my bags and gone running out the door. Now it's harder to leave. I've made some new friends, and it makes saying goodbye harder. However, I have to remember I will probably be making new friends in Wollongong. Wagga nightlife has picked up, and everything in Wagga has just seemed a lot more fun and carefree, and I love it. But it makes me glad I can leave with fond memories then.

It's always weird to think that some people you may just not keep in contact or ever see again. Whether it be my best friend who I have now drifted apart from after this last year, or whether it be the guy I have casually been hanging out with and hooking up with on a drunken saturday night. It makes me wonder why these people are in your life? To teach you something? To fill in time? Or to give you an everlasting memory of your young, wild and carefree days. Saying goodbye is sad. But it's something that must be done.

So Saturday night is my last in Wagga Wagga. I'll update and let you know how it goes. And within the next week I'll be writing to this blog, not in my family living room in a rural town, but in a small, crowded, on campus room, with the beach ten minutes away.

And so begins the new chapter of my life...