Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One of those nights, when you leave me for no reason

Sometimes I have repetitive conversations with my dad. They go like this...

Me: Daaaaaad, can you please kill a spider in my room?
Dad: Ok then
Me: Thankyou!
Dad: Ok its gone
Me: Thankyou!

Or in the case of last night, conversation one was said, and then 30 minutes later came conversation two.

Me: daaaaaaaad theres another one!
Dad: *sigh* Again?
Me: *nods, and sticks bottom lip out*
Dad: Ok ok
Me: Thankyou!
Dad: Ok its dead *shows me*
Me: AHHH *screams and runs away*

I can't explain it right now, my I have this weird case of paranoia kicking in due to some different situations. I don't like this as it makes me feel inferior. It worries me all day, and I can't sleep at all. Half the time it could be over one thing that someone has said and then I stress about it all night, wondering if I have done something wrong, wondering how to fix things when it may not even be my fault. But I am always so ready to jump to the conclusion that it must have been something I have done wrong. I don't know why.
It's only 9.05 am but I can tell it's already going to be one of those days...

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