Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have become one of those girls I swore to myself I never would become. The type that is instantly happy when talking to him, the type who checks their phone more often than usual in hope that he has wrote another message, the type that could talk to him all day, but fears looking desparate, the type that will automatically think of him and imagine what could be when she has a spare moment and the type that knows perfectly well for the time being, any concept or notion of some sort of romance is way out of the question but still remains pathetically naive, even oblivious to this fact in the hope that something may eventuate when the two futures collide.
The type that knows perfectly well for now she is wasting time, but doesn't care.

In other news;
- I have a full time job starting in 2 weeks. While it's not my ideal job and has 40 hour working weeks, the pay is good. If I work for 6 months it allows me to earn around $15 000, and by the time next year rolls around I'll have earnt the $18 000 needed, to be able to receive government support for when I go to university which will be a relief.

- I got sick of my natural brown hair colour, and proceeded to dye it dark brown and red. Every few months I go through some weird invention stage. And before anyone dares to say I'm moving into a scene kid stage -- been there, done that :P

- Every day this month has been over 35 degrees celcius. You can see the heat shimmering of the roads. It's like one of those really bad country and western movies where the heat is so visible in the air. I walk past people on the street, see make up sweating off their red faces, their slightly damp hair tied back messily, sunglasses slipping off their noses. I also see other people panting along the side of their road, pushing their legs and arms in earnest desperation to keep running faster, in a bid to stay fit. I want to ask them if they are crazy, sit them down, get them a bottle of water, slap them on the face to wake them up. But I just watch.

- I went a month without alcohol/partying, then decided to celebrate in a very drunken fashion, so much so I got a lecture on my parents on drinking responsibly. I love how they ignore the fact that I don't drink for a month, then one night I have a little bit to much and the next day I get sat down for a lecture, while I am miserably hungover and staring at them bleary eyed, eyes fluttering in a bid to go back to bed and sleep it off, not taking in a word of what they have to say.

That's about it for now!

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