Monday, March 8, 2010

Home and back again

On the weekend I went home, taking some American friends with me. It was a fun weekend. I hadn't felt homesick beforehand, and nor do I now really, but going out on Saturday night, and partying with some old friends, made me feel slightly nolgastic.

As I hugged a friend and he excitedly told me he has a 'woman' in his life, as I danced with some others and as I ran into primary school buddies I hadn't seen for a while, it hit me - everyone is at that stage where things are changing. A lot.

When we left school, we all tried hard to maintain that same connection throughout the first year out of high school. As we move onto the second year out, you can see everyone being pulled into different directions. We are now a part of 'Life.' We are now growing up and turning into adults (well majority)

Leaving home felt weird again, after seeing all my friends. However once back in Wollongong, and after my first full day of uni yesterday, tutorials and all, the Wagga trip seemed like a distant memory already.

Sometimes I hate the fact we can't stay in touch with everyone. I think of close friends who have moved away, or even the crew I used to just meet out at the pubs and party with, and know that eventually these people are just a small part of our lives. I have to accept this, I know, but I do so reluctantly. Whether it be a former close friend, or a guy I had a casual relationship with that ended on good terms, whether it be the boys that I used to have dance offs with, or the girls I used to have gossip sessions with in the bathrooms. Eventually the ties fall off, and they become little specks in the distance. But such is life I guess.

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