Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lust is never easy

Take note of the word lust. I believe in love as much as the next person, but unlike the next person, I believe way to many people (teenagers especially) confuse lust and infatuation to feelings of 'pure true love'

A little while ago I was excited to move, for numerous reasons, but one being a potential relationship with someone. But time passes and people change. Or maybe they don't change, but as you get closer to them, feelings pass, or they aren't the person you imagined in your head. Oh if only our imaginations could conjure something then life would be sweet.

I myself, have lusted over people. I have probably ever really REALLY liked, about 3 guys in my life. But even then I never fooled myself into thinking it was love. It was pure lust. And after the thrill of the chase, and when it got to the point where these guys liked me back, and things started happening, I get cold feet and my feelings start to disappear. Hence, lust/infatuation stage over before it can ever progress to love.

This is probably quite normal of a teenage girl.

I am the kind of girl that can hook up with a guy, and leave it at that. Then always in my situation the wrong guys get attached and want more, whereas that's done and I just want to be friends (probably typical male behaviour)
Then as soon as I hook up with a guy, and then they show no interest, apart from the brief hello, I find myself being drawn to them. Confusing no? It's like the guys I can get easily I don't want. As soon as it becomes the thrill of the chase, I am immediately infatuated, always with the wrong type of guy.

I'm just going to stick with the fact I have not yet come close to finding someone I want to commit too. Maybe one day...