Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot Hot Heat...

How I would give anything to trade places with someone overseas right about now.
Or rather wish that my hometown had better facilities than an over crowded swimming pool filled with children.
A beach for example would be great.
Or even if the air conditioner got fixed that would also be great.
Today peaked at 45 degrees celcius. The humidity is ridiculous!

It makes me feel so restless. I can't sit at the computer for too long as it gets to hot, and I need to go refill my glass of ice. I can't read for too long before I have to get off the lounge as it gets to hot. I can't watch TV comfortably due to the heat. I can't get to sleep until 2/3 am because normally you'd think the nights would cool down a bit but no such luck. I then wake at 8 because it starts to heat up again.

I knew there was a reason to as why I didn't like summer! Being in a drought affected area doesn't help with water restrictions and all.

Anyway I'm going to stop complaining and go see if the Ice has set in the freezer yet already. I NEED MORE!

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Shane said...

Count your blessings Tahls; it's been raining sideways over here for quite some time; plus we had a dashing of snow in the last few days.

Just got a refill on heating oil for the house today, god it's nice to be warm again.

The grass is always greener, huh?