Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not happy krudd.

Dear Mr Kevin Rudd aka Prime Minister,

I am not happy with you. At All.
I would just like to point out, that many young people take a gap year ... key word being YEAR. This year equates to working hard for 12 months...not 18.
Generally we don't want a Gap GAP year. We take this year, and work our arses off (well some of us do) in order to meet the criteria to recieve youth allowance. And now what? You pull that opportunity out from under our feet? NOT HAPPY!

What about those of us who have to move 5 hours away from home? Who don't have the luxury of being able to live at home still to save money. Who may move to cities where it is generally difficult to find a job to be able to support ourselves. Who took this gap year for the SOLE purpose of earning the money to be able to get some government support? Well thankyou, for letting us know NOW that it was a waste of time.

In some senses I was glad I had a couple other reasons to take a gap year *Cough* license *cough*. And no doubt, I will be better off next year than I would have been if I went this year, cause I will have more money regardless, but this still doesn't change the fact that many school leavers, who have taken a gap year did it because they NEED the govt support. Not want, NEED.

Especially the rural kids. Especially those that have to move hours away from home. Especially those who wanted to focus hard on their studies for a while without having to worry about juggling uni and work in order to be able to support themselves.Bluntly - This fucking sucks. And once again, I repeat. I AM NOT HAPPY!

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