Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2

Day two of my kick start to a healthier lifestyle. It's going well enough eating wise. Fruit, vegetables, wholemeal bread instead of white, you name it I'm doing it.
Exercise - not so well. Dragging myself out of bed an hour earlier doesn't seem to appeal for me. Of course it is my fault because I go to bed too late. So that's going to have to be another thing to make myself a little healthier. Waaaaay better sleeping patterns have to be in order.
Now I know my exact weight, my mission is to lose at least 2 of those kilos. In no way do I consider myself fat or even verging on it. But I am not happy with my body in the slightest. This could be my inner 15 year old self coming out again. However i need to find a healthy balance between my 15 year old self, who was strict in eating patterns and exercise, to the point of being obsessed, and my 19 year old self, who's fitness has dwindled down over time so that exercise is a foreign concept and chocolate is a girls best friend.

My biggest problem is my patience. I am not one to start slow, and build up. I am the type of person to rush headlong into things and berate myself when I fail or can't keep up the pace. So for now I have to remind myself it's all baby steps. I won't get my fitness I used to possess back over night. Over the next few months however I want to be back there. And exercise won't have to be a dirty word in my vocabulary. It can be something I learn to enjoy.

Speaking of, it's time to do some before getting ready for work.

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