Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get fit or die trying

So yeah I've said it a million or so times. I'm gonna eat healthy, I'm going to exercise rah rah rah *grabs chocolate bar*

Anyway I've been sick for a week and it has diminished my chocolate craving in a weird and amazing way. Not to mention that I am attending a holiday at the BEACH (yep people, beach body time) in less than 2 months, and the place I move to in 4 months also has a beach, you know, it's time to get serious.

To prove how serious I am, this blog is going to be my motivation. How so you wonder?
In a bid to improve my fitness, and improve my dedication to my blog (As we can tell, I forget about things easily, get easily distracted eeeeeeetc) it is to be updated on my get fit progress, as well as other trivial and probably boring details of my life. No one enjoys talking about me, more than me I guess.

I decided it's all about making the time (duh tahlia awesome conclusion, you go girl)
Getting up that little bit earlier and making time for exercise
Getting ready that little bit earlier to make healthier food to take to work, rather than being tempted by the easier, and waaaay fattier options.

GOAL -> To tone up, lose about 2.5 kilos, spend more time outdoors in the sun so I stop looking so vampire like (yeah man I was pale before twilight made it cool) and make healthy eating a automatic thing!

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