Sunday, February 21, 2010

New town, New life

So week one in Wollongong has been amazing. Then again it was college O week, so it was so much fun. My poor liver took a battering but pulled through okay, just with a common cold now nicknamed the "weerona plague" as everyone here seems to be getting it.

I had so much fun this week, that I don't even want uni to start. I just want to live here and keep partying! But hopefully the course will be good, and god knows, my brain does need to be stimulated again.

I did things I never thought I'd do when sober - Including busking, stripping down to underwear outside the city Woolworths, food challenges, hugging strangers, being fake resuscitated etc. Gotta love scav hunts. Totally ridiculous.

So far I feel happier here. I haven't felt homesick once. The guy situation I was stressing about? Probably not worth. I think we are in two different stages of our lives. At the moment I am enjoying meeting new people, partying, and having fun.

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