Tuesday, May 18, 2010

High Hopes In Velvet Ropes

So, the past weekend my friend and I decided to take 8 friends back with us to our hometown, generally so they could meet our friends and have a fun and yes drunken night out.

This didn't quite go as expected. Certain incidents happened. I was disgusted with the lack of respect shown. I was left in tears on Saturday night with certain behaviours of some of the people we took back and barely got an apology the next day. All in all, I never got a chance to catch up with my friends from home and I guess this is what upset me the most.

Lucky I guess I'm not one to hold grudges. The last thing I want is the sort of bullshit drama in Wollongong that used to happen in Wagga. It makes me laugh (bitterly) to hear so many people proclaiming that they are sick of the drama when they are the ones that thrive on it.

But I am still loving Wollongong. I am still loving college life. I am beginning to like the person I have become so much better this year than I was last year. I'm still working on the whole confidence thing and eventually getting there. Sometimes I slip - sometimes I get in bad moods that I can't shake off, get snappy and sick of people, but long gone are the days where I faked a smile just to get through.

Assertiveness and happiness are knocking at the door.

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