Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Again it's been a while. Life is busy. Even when it's not, it still feels that way. I mean as far as uni and coursework goes, I have it pretty lucky, my hours aren't intense at all. I think they'll be worse next session. But for some reason I feel like I'm always lacking time. Maybe living at college has something to do with that also, coz there is always something going on, someone to have a gossip session with, some sort of uni work to get done.

Not that I'm complaining at all, because I am loving every single minute of it, even if I have turned into a slightly more alcoholic party girl compared to what I was. But hey, that's college life for you. As long as my grades keep up, I have a great friends, and am having fun that's all that matters.

My friend went back home, the one that had the breakdown. It sucks because as she's American it's not like i can just go visit her. Two of my other close friends here are American also and they'll be leaving in July which really really sucks but such is life I guess. People are always coming and going.

As on the loooooove front - nothing much happening. Still the whole 'thrill of the chase' and after that infatuation is gone. I'm still back and forth about the whole 'a relationship would be nice' and the 'hell yeah I am loving single life'

Ha, that guy I had the big dilemma about, pretty much ignores me until he feels lonely. I don't even know what to make of that. I honestly believe he doesn't intentionally realising he is doing it, but whatever.

Heading home for the Gold Cup . Maybe will write about it, if it's interesting!

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