Sunday, May 23, 2010


If you actually read these blog posts, I obviously liked a guy majorly last year. For 10 or so months, probably longer than I had ever liked someone before.

That all fizzled out, and love life became boring over the few months before I moved to Wollongong.

Ever since I moved, while I haven't developed massive crushes I have developed what I call the 'drunken crush.'

It lasts for 2 weeks tops, and it happens with someone I drunkenly hook up with. It's happened maybe 3/4 times since I have moved. Generally though it starts with me seeing the particular guy, thinking he is cute, then pursuing him or the whole 'thrill of the chase' when we are out and about. Nothing much comes out of it to be honest, by generally that's cool with me and then after that I move onto the next person so to speak, or chill out for a while.

At the moment I'm going through another drunken crush but for some reason this one feels a little different. Maybe it's because I don't think he is as much out of my league at the others were. Or maybe cause he is generally the type I don't usually go for.

After going through this drunken crush, I realised I am tiring of the single scene. Not that I particularly want to dive headfirst into a relationship either, but the swapping and changing is just me putting off a fear of being unwanted maybe, or not being good enough. We'll see what happens.

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Stay cool.

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