Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I do have a year to make my decisions. But I didn't expect to have so many. I didn't expect to manage to get high HSC and UAI marks. It came as much as of a surprise to me as it did to EVERYONE. I almost had to laugh at everyones reactions to how I did. One of my friends (who is thought to get dux) was obviously very surprised that I equalled her in some results. My other friend, who I used to laugh with about not getting 80 in english because it seemed such a ludicrous idea, was in shock when I got 86 (actually having said that I was too.)

So while I had originally been thinking I had no chance whatsoever to get the 80 in two subjects which would put my conditional early entry offer foward, I managed to nearly get in the 90s for these subjects. So now I am in the course that seemed so difficult to get into. It required a UAI of 78 to get in, and this normally is harder than it seems. So if I hadn't got early entry I believed I had no hopes of getting in based on my UAI. I thought I was lucky if I could scrape a 65 to get into a Canberra creative writing course.

So I awake this morning and check the dreaded UAI. And what to I see?

83.20. Yes my UAI is in the 80s. Which ironically means any course I applied for (theres about 6) I can get in. So now I have a choice to make.
Do I want to follow what could help my dream of becoming a music journalist or entertainment writer, and major in journalism?
Do I want to go off whim a bit and major in screen studies, because of the look of the course?
Or do I want to take a chance, and do the course that holds my interest but that may leave jobs and options limited when I graduate, and do a creative arts: creative writing course?

Like I said, seeing I'm taking a year off, I have a while to decide. But I just never thought I'd have to make these decisions. Rather, I never thought I'd be able to pick and choose between everything I applied for. It's an odd feeling....

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