Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So the time has come....

So the time has come....and NOT to push the button. [Chemical Brothers reference for the ignorant]

Blog blog blog.

A word we see on bebo and myspace as well as countless other sites. One that keeps popping up at me in magazines demanding me to 'start my own blog!'

So after ignoring it for a while, the pressure ultimately got to me. As I am quite the overanalyser, have opinions on many, enjoy writing etc it seemed pointless to try and fight the urge to start a blog of my innermost thoughts at the time on the interwebz.
Chances of someone actually reading it? I don't know. But do I care? No I think not.

I find this almost a creative release while I go nuts stuck at home with no school, no job and crazy PMS-ing friends & family.

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