Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hectic hectic night

So my friend Zeb and I were talking, on Friday and were both like we need an awesomely drunk night Saturday! So the plan was underway.

So Zeb picks me up at 7, and we go back to his house with some others to get started on the pre drinks.
By 9, Zeb is rather drunk and me deciding that bourbon and cola doesn't agree with me at all, ends up moving onto the Passion Pop.
By 10, Zeb is passing out, waking up and vomiting everywhere. Well 3/4 of a bottle of vodka will do that to you. So Zeb and I, and our fun night at the pubs won't be happening tonight.
I myself, am feeling no effects on the alcohol yet. 2 cans of bourbon, and a whole bottle of passion pop, so I sit there vaguely wondering what is wrong with me.

However after Zeb tells us he has called '18 taxis' before passing out for good, the remaining of us going out manage to scrounge a lift to another friends house, while 3 others stayed home with Zeb to make sure he is ok.

As we start walking to the pubs, I am feeling good. A little tipsy, the alcohol is doing its work finally. Delayed reaction, but hey, I was drinking rather slowly.
At the pub Tayt and I down some goon sunrises and do some sort of shot. This is where the night becomes a blur.
I remember being in the toilets, and nearly falling asleep on the ground there. Who says I am not a classy lady?
I don't even make it till 12 am before I get kicked out of The Vic. To this day, I still have no idea what I did to get kicked out? Did I fall over? Just act drunk and disorderly? I cannot remember for the life of me!

So we head to the nightclub instead and time passes super quick there. My friend who I am going home with, leaves, but I didn't remember her leaving at all.
Thankfully another friend is able to walk me home. How he put up with me I don't know. I kept randomly stopping in the middle of the street to sit down, fell over in the gutter. Got an epic bruise because of it.

I awake the next morning to hear my phone ringing. I am on the ground, in a house with no furniture. This is not my friends sisters house!
Feeling surprisingly good, I make my way upstairs to see my friend sitting in another room with no furniture. As I walk up the stairs I see a male passed out on the ground in the middle of the hallway. On closer inspection I realise we are in the house next door to her sisters house. Obviously I would of realised we were at Marcus's last night instead of Jess's, but the only memory of coming home I have, is falling over when I went to step off the gutter.

Felt a little queasy after a while, but was surprised at how well I pulled up considering how drunk I had been. It was nothing a chicken nugget happy meal couldn't fix!

All in all, interesting night. In a fuzzy, 'oh gosh I can't remember a thing' kind of way.

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