Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is a trust issue...

Don't Trust Anyone.
That is what End Of Fashion are currently singing to me. And the timing of the song couldn't come better.

Who can you really trust? Can you really trust your friends? Can you really trust yourself?
I recently went away on a holiday with 8 or so friends. What came with all us living together was complete havoc. If only I had End Of Fashion singing into my ear then not to trust anyone, I may not of fallen into the pitfalls of what happens when you say something that you think will be protected by this so called wall of trust.

However my naive belief that what may of been said would stay with that person was ultimately killed. I never went away thinking I could trust every single person in the house, but out of the 3 people I thought I could absolutely trust, I found out only one passed the test. Just.

I've had many problems with friends in the past lying. Of course it's natural. High School is the environment in which bitches thrive and people lie to make themselves sound cooler or to cover their tracks. I do wonder if I let it get to me to much? But there does come a point where enough is enough. I can take some responsibility in that I need to watch what I say, and now that is exactly what I am doing. It's not fun going around having to monitor absolutely everything that comes out of your mouth, but its better safe than sorry.

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